Rocky Mountain and CushCore partner to introduce the next generation of innovation.

Rocky Mountain and CushCore partner to introduce the next generation of innovation.

It wasn’t that long ago that things like a dropper post or tubeless tires/wheels were considered “controversial” accessories.  Now, virtually every decent mountain bike comes standard with a dropper post and tubeless wheel sets.  For 2022, Rocky Mountain and CushCore are introducing the next generation of innovation by offering CushCore tire inserts as standard equipment.

2022 Rocky Mountain bikes with CushCore:

  • Altitude Carbon 90 Rally Edition
  • Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70
  • Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70
  • Altitude Powerplay Carbon 90 Rally Edition

Since 2018, the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team has been racing with CushCore.  Riders like Jesse Melamed have been “in the know” that CushCore is a must-have performance advantage and have not raced without it for the past 4 years. Proven to work between the tape, CushCore is now standard equipment so every rider can ride with total confidence.

“I found the consistency in cornering was so nice, it just dug in, the knobs dug in, and I felt my corner would just stay on its arc.  Obviously, the impact protection on the front is nice, it does help the suspension, it damps a lot of the little things.  We are hitting things so fast that one impact can ruin your run, so for me, why wouldn’t I run CushCore?”Jesse Melamed

Jesse finished 3rd overall in 2021 Enduro World Series riding the 2022 Altitude equipped with CushCore.

Rocky Mountain just announced the all-new 2022 Altitude Powerplay. Featuring the next generation Dyname 4.0 drive system, with a high torque system, integrated new top tube display, all-new handlebar remote, a larger, removable battery, and of course, CushCore tire inserts front and rear.  Rocky Mountain are proud to say that they have the best riding e-bike on the market.

“I used CushCore for a few projects this year and I was really stoked with the results. I like the fact that the insert holds the bead and helps reduce burping under extreme cornering conditions. I also like the rim protection element.” – Thomas Vanderham

Thomas Vanderham steezing on the Altitude Powerplay Carbon 90

CushCore strengthened our inventory position at the end 2020 with the addition of a second manufacturing facility. This has allowed us to keep turnaround times minimal, with most orders being shipped in 2-3 days. Capitalizing on a stable supply chain that has matched demand, CushCore sales are up 68% in 2021.

For more information and detailed spec’s check out Rocky Mountain Bikes and CushCore.


Go Bigger. Corner Harder. Ride Faster.

Total Confidence.

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