CushCore PRO Set

Description: The original full-performance version.  CushCore PRO allows you to push the limits of your tires and suspension to new levels.  The best choice for the majority of wheels, terrain, and riders.

Tire Widths: 2.1″-2.6″
Inner Rim Width: 22mm-35mm
Includes: (2) CushCore tire inserts, (2) 44mm CushCore presta air valves, valve core tool, installation instructions, and rim stickers.


(20 customer reviews)



The world’s #1 trusted tire insert.



Absorbs big hits, prevents rim damage and withstands repeated imapcts without degrading.



More control and less rider fatigue.



Patented profile reduces pinch flats.


Reinforces tire sidewalls to prevent tire roll and increases traction in corners.



Optimal tire pressure with no compromises.



Supple, compliant tread patch increases grip


20 reviews for CushCore PRO Set

  1. Trevor

    After trying them, I can’t ride without. The ride is much more controlled and smooth.

  2. Ryan

    Cushcore was a game changer for me. The additional grip was huge and I can hit corners harder than ever.

  3. Nate

    I love my 29 pro’s, much less pinging off of roots and rocks and I feel more confident ripping corners with 20 psi knowing my tire isn’t going to roll.

  4. Aaron Nicholson

    My son and I have been using the Pro 29er set for a couple of years. They have saved our wheels, and allows us to run lower tire pressure. Best product on the market by far.

  5. Alex Vidal

    The only way I can keep air in my tires and a smile on my face!

  6. Tobin W

    Been using these Pro’s for a while now! They have held up great after a season of abuse, and the rim peace of mind and crazy good support in corners is a must-have. Can’t go without ’em!

  7. dylan marino

    Great! Saved me some rims

  8. Renato

    I Been riding CushCore for the past 3 seasons in all my bikes I felt more confident ripping over the corners the and go over rocks and roots with a lower psi 24f_27r.lover no more damage rims..
    Cheers CushCore.

  9. Evan

    Best rim insert on the market, without these I’d be buying new wheels left and right

  10. Isaac

    These tire inserts provide exceptional protection! Allows you to run lower pressure, better tire rigidity in corners, less flats!

  11. Tommy S.

    I’ve been running this for two seasons now and I’m stoked! The sidewall support is unreal!! Be wary of your local crusty bike mechanic that says install is too difficult, dudes obviously doing something wrong! Just watch the install video! Biggest takeaway was dropping the bead into the drop-center. Way easier to install than my moto tires!

  12. Eric W.

    The overall chassis and suspension feeling with CushCore is truly confidence inspiring. While running the stock tubes I became used to my hands going numb on the downhill portion of the trail due to trail chop and bumps. Once I installed CushCore on my specialized status 160 I was blown away within the first 5-10 minuets of downhill. The initial trail chop that would usually give me negative feedback through my handlebars and hands was completely gone. The added sidewall stability gave me confidence to attack dry slippery corners I didn’t know I had. If you are thinking about purchasing CushCore for your bike, I wouldn’t think twice!

  13. austen carruth (verified owner)

    i have been riding downhill for years and i can’t go with out my cushcore

  14. Heath

    Cush cores for three seasons now. Will never ride without them again. 5 stars all around.

  15. Greg Sisemore

    Wow…I never gave these a second thought, just something for the downhill folks. But after talking to the Cush Core guys at Sedona Festival, I decided to give them a try. I am blown away! SO much more control in the rocks!! I will be putting these in all my bikes. Proud to be a part of the CushCure family!

  16. Will Schmitt

    Im a 12 year old boy and put cushcore in. its not hard if you look it up on YouTube!

  17. Carlos

    There isnt a review, i want to now if there is a set of cush core for mullet wheels.

  18. Jared

    I put these in my DH rig and after just a tint upper portion of my first run the feeling was unreal being over 50 it helps so much with my hands a wrists going numb it truly is a life changer for me ! THANKS !

  19. Adam

    WOW! This review is on the INSTALLATION ONLY!! Tomorrow I’m taking my first ride with the CushCore installed, and I’m eager to feel the difference!

    Back to the installation; what an absolute breeze to install! I’m not a mechanic; I own very basic tools and have always struggled a bit with changing tires and setting up tubeless. I read stories online about struggles with installation, and was even prepped by my LBS that they are a bear to install, but I must say it could not have been easier! WATCH THE INSTALLATION VIDEO FROM THIS WEBSITE! That’s all I did. I seriously think I set my BRAND NEW rear tire in under 10 minutes. MAXXIS Dissector, EXO casing, brand new on a used carbon rim and a floor pump. SO VERY EASY TO SET! I think the insert actually holds the bead to the rim and makes “catching” the bead easier when inflating with a floor pump.

  20. Matt

    Great product, can’t ride without Cush Core now.

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