Announcing CushCore E-MTB with an all-new design specifically engineered for E-MTBs

CushCore announces an all-new E-MTB tire insert, expanding their line-up to provide options for all types of riders, bikes, and terrains. CushCore E-MTB utilizes the same patented technology and foam composition through their insert product range. However, CushCore engineers incorporated several new features into theE-MTB’s design to address the unique requirements of E-MTBs.

“E-MTBs are heavier and generate more forces than a traditional mountain bike, therefore we designedan insert with these parameters in mind.CushCore E-MTB provides maximum impact absorption, rimprotection,vibration damping, and durability.You’ll ride more laps, with more control,butwith lessfatigue, and less worries.”

–Adam Krefting, CushCore Founder/Inventor

“The E-MTB also incorporates the same new fluted sidewall design found on our recently released TRAIL insert. This provides progressive sidewall support: the harder you push, the more support you feel.”

–Austin Sandford,CushCoreEngineer

As with allCushCore tire inserts, E-MTB absorbs shock and vibration, improves cornering, and prevents flats/rim damage…giving you Total Confidence to charge into your next ride.CushCoreE-MTB–TOTAL CONFIDENCE,For All RidersCushCoreE-MTB retails for $160USD/set or$80USD/singles and comes in 27.5” and 29” sizes.AvailableAugust2023at quality bicycle dealers worldwide and at cushcore.com.

Key Features:

•Enhanced profile designed to withstand the increased weight and forces of an E-MTB.•Improved tire grip on technical uphill climbs.

•Fluted sidewall creates progressive cornering.The harder you push, the more sidewall support you feel.

•Flow channels engineered to increase air and sealant distributes onto the main tire chamber.

•Air valve notch allows the insert to sit flat on any rim.

•Absorbs impacts and damps vibration (aka “trail chatter”).

•CushCore’s highest level of rim protection and flat prevention.

•Link to theCushCoreE-MTBwebpagewill go live,June 21, 2023.•Link to imagesand more information.Fitment:•Wheel Sizes: 27.5” and 29”

•Tire Sizes:2.3”–2.8”

•Inner Rim Widths:22mm–35mm

•Weight: 27.5” =281g/29” =299g

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